Hot words List – 1

1. Fray

Meaning in English: a fight, battle, a noisy fight, a competition or contest.
Meaning in Hindi: – दंगा, कलह, लड़ाई
Usage in Sentence:
“TCS went into fray with HCL over the irctc project.”
Synonyms: combat, conflict, quarrel, row, riot.
Antonyms: peace, accord, quiet, agreement, harmony.
Mnemonic: Fray sounds like pray. You pray when you are in fray.


2. Gaffe

Meaning in English: a social blunder, an unintentional remark causing embarrassment to the originator.
Meaning in Hindi: – चूक, ग़लती, ग़लतफ़हमी, भूल
 Usage in Sentence:
“In last few months I have caused many gaffes.”
Synonyms: blunder, slip.
Antonyms: correction.
Mnemonic: Gaffe sounds like goofy who makes blunders.


3. Reprieve

Meaning in English: cancel or postpone the punishment, relief from harm.
Meaning in Hindi: – दण्डविराम करना, अवकाश देना, फांसी स्थगित करना
Usage in Sentence:
“President refused the reprieve to prisoner.”
Synonyms: abate, remission, respite, acquittal, release, abeyance.
Antonyms: continuation.
Mnemonic: Reprieve sounds like relieve which has same meaning.


4. Respite

Meaning in English: relief from harm, a thing that relief pain.
Meaning in Hindi: – राहत, विराम
Usage in Sentence:
“The prisoner was not given respite.”
Synonyms: reprieve, relaxation, acquittal, halt, intermission.
Antonyms: punishment, sentence, blame.
Mnemonic: Respite is like rest a bit.


5. Discord

Meaning in English: disagreement between people, lack of harmony, dispute, war.
Meaning in Hindi: – कलह, विसंगति, विरोध
Usage in Sentence:
“The discord between neighbors.”
Synonyms: disharmony, clamor, harshness.
Antonyms: accord, agreement, harmony.
Mnemonic: dis + accord (agreement).


6. Mollify

Meaning in English: appease the anger of, soften, gain the goodwill of.
Meaning in Hindi: – शांत करना, मुलायम करना
Usage in Sentence:
“Nisha managed to mollify her husband.”
Synonyms: calm, pacify, ease, moderate, quiet.
Antonyms: agitate, excite, irritate, provoke, upset.
Mnemonic: Mollify sounds like nullify.


7. Uphold

Meaning in English: to support or defend against opposition, to lift upward, cause to remain or last.
Meaning in Hindi: – बनाए रखना, परिपुष्ट करना
Usage in Sentence:
“Supreme court upheld the decision.”
Synonyms: stand by, advocate, justify, encourage, carry, sustain, uplift.
Antonyms: deny, oppose, decrease, depress.


8. Sabotage

Meaning in English: deliberately damage, destroy.
Meaning in Hindi: – नुक़सान पहुंचाना, गड़बड़ करना, नाकाम करना
Usage in Sentence:
“Power lines were sabotaged by protesters.”
Synonyms: destruction, disruption, demolition, mischief.
Antonyms: loyality, assistance, fix.
Mnemonics: Sabotage = Saboot + aag. Saboot ko aag lage jaye to it get destroyed.


9. Discretion

Meaning in English: the right or freedom to act on one’s own judgment.
Meaning in Hindi: – विवेक, निर्णय, बुद्धिमानी
Usage in Sentence:
“Supreme court acts on its own discretion.”
Synonyms: caution, diplomacy, judgement, discrimination.
Antonyms: prudence, acumen, heed, sense, shrewdness.
Mnemonic: Discrete means separate. If we live separate, we are free to judge.


10. Debris

Meaning in English: the remains of something that has been destroyed, scattered pieces of remains.
Meaning in Hindi: – मलबा, अवशेष, टूटे हुए टुकड़े
Usage in Sentence:
“Not one piece of debris has been recovered from plane.”
Synonyms: rubbish, litter, waste, remains, crap.
Antonyms: cleanliness, neatness.