National Digital Communication Policy 2018 (NDPC – 2018)

National Digital Communication Policy 2018The government has formulated the new National Digital Communication Policy 2018 in place of National Telecom Policy, 2012 to cater the modern needs of digital communication sector of India. It will pave the way for the launch of advanced technologies like 5G, IoT, M2M etc.

Objectives of National Digital Communication Policy 2018

  • Broadband for all
  • Create 4 million additional jobs in the Digital Communication Sector
  • Enhancing the digital communication sector to 8% of GDP
  • Propelling India to top 50 nations in the ICT development index of ITU from 134 in 2017
  • Enhancing India’s contribution to Global value chains
  • Ensure digital Sovereignty

Features of National Digital Communication Policy 2018

  • Provide universal broadband connectivity at 50 Mbps to every citizen
  • Provide 1 Gbps connectivity to all Gram Panchayats by 2020 and 10 Gbps by 2022
  • Ensure connectivity to all uncovered areas
  • Attract investment of USD 100 billion in Digital Communication Sector
  • Train one million manpower for building new age skills
  • Expand IoT system to 5 billion connected devices
  • Establish a comprehensive data protection regime for digital communication that safeguards the privacy, autonomy and choice of individuals
  • Facilitate India’s participation in Global digital economy
  • Ensure accountability through appropriate institutional mechanism to assure citizens of safe and secure digital communication infrastructure and services

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