Functions of National Solar Energy Federation of India

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functions of National Solar Energy Federation of IndiaNational Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) is an umbrella organization of all solar energy stakeholders of India. The functions of National Solar Energy Federation of India include work in the area of policy advocacy and is a National Platform for addressing all issues connected with solar energy growth in India. It consists of leading international, National and regional companies and includes Solar Developers, Manufacturers, EPC Contractors, Rooftop Installers, System integrators, and Balance of Plant suppliers and manufacturers, Small and Medium Enterprises and works in a complimentary manner with the Central and State Governments for achieving India’s national solar target of 100 GW by 2022

NSEFI is a founding member of the Global Solar Council (GSC) which was launched at Paris during UN COP 21 Climate talks In December 2015-as a private sector response to global warming and Climate Change.

NSEFI Chairman Pranav R Mehta becomes the First Indian to Head Global Solar Council(GSC) headquarters in Washington D.C., USA

Functions of National Solar Energy Federation of India

  • Rooftop solar and other decentralized devices/systems through increased awareness, simplification and rejig of policies/rules
  • Solar energy access to all at affordable cost on sustainable basis.
  • Indigenous production of solar feed stock and devices.
  • Research and Development in Solar energy field.
  • Compliance to the rules on Solar RPOs.
  • Cooperation with other National and International Solar Associations.
  • Periodic Seminars / workshops on awareness of policies on solar energy.
  • In-house Publications.
  • Dissemination of information on solar energy through NSEFI web site and other social media tools.
  • Parity in taxes and duties
  • It organise conclaves where our participants discuss issues related to solar energy and seek mutually beneficial business opportunities.
  • It organise events and industry seminars where members as well as non-members share information and spread knowledge about solar energy.
  • It engage with policy makers and regulators to ensure more inclusive policy-making and better policies and regulations to promote solar energy in India
  • It interacts closely with the media to increase public awareness about issues and developments related to solar energy.
  • It releases whitepapers and reports related to solar energy.
  • It organise workshops and roadshows to educate organisations and general public about solar energy in India.
  • It collaborate with international associations to strengthen international trade.

Secretariat of NSEFI

National Solar Energy Federation of India is a private sector driven non-profit organisation. The day-to-day running of NSEFI is managed by the Secretariat, based in New Delhi. MR. SUBRAHMANYAM PULIPAKA is CEO is NSEFI

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