Honey Mission – Sweet Revolution – Sweet Kranti

Beekeeping has been carried out across many generations in India. It is ideally suited to rural areas and uses only the available local resources which otherwise go waste. It requires very low investment and skills. This Industry has the potential to offer direct employment to lakhs of people especially hill dwellers, tribal and farmers. Prime Minister of India viewed this opportunities and advised the authorities to explore the possibilities to create employment in Tribal regions and Left Wing Effected (LWE) areas, Backward Districts of the country and announced to take up mass honey production as Sweet Kranti (Sweet Revolution). Thus Honey Mission was launched August 2017 in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for ‘Sweet Revolution’.
honey mission

What is Beekeeping?

Beekeeping is the raising and caring for honeybees so that honey can be harvested from them.

Why Scheme for Beekeeping?

  • It is an income generating activity
  • It provides food and medicine – value of honey and other hive products are invaluable
  • It supports agricultural activities through cross pollination and increase in yield of crops
  • It contributes immensely to forest conservation.

Targets under Honey Mission

  • 11000 employments will generate out of which 10,200 direct employment and 800 indirect employment will be provided under this project.

Objectives of Honey Mission

  • Encourage scientific beekeeping practices / Good Beekeeping Practices for enhancing the income of farmers and rural youth.
  • Bee Plant propagation, transfer of technology& tools supply
  • Promote cooperation among the beekeepers of the country and states.
  • Reach to common possible solutions regarding beekeeping problems locally.
  • Maintain friendly and helpful relation among beekeeping community and promote fair-trade.
  • Develop market for beekeeping products.
  • Foster closer cooperation among beekeepers and other stake holders
  • Demonstrate to common public, how beekeeping is an entrepreneurship by producing hive products

Progress under Honey Mission

  • On World Honey Bee Day, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission created a new world record of distributing maximum number of bee boxes in a single day. It distributed as many as 1000 bee boxes among 100 people hailing from the Mishing Assamese tribe in the Kaziranga forest
  • (KVIC) has distributed more than one lakh bee-boxes among farmers and unemployed youths across the country in less than two years
  • More than more than 10,000 new jobs has been created so far under the mission

Implementing Agency of Honey Mission

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) under Ministry of MSME is the implementing Agency of Honey Mission.

Watch Honey Mission on Youtube: https://youtu.be/zF8xhAnL3IU

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