Operating System – Questions Set 2

In our series of questions for bank specialist officer, here is next set of operating system questions for IT officer exams.

Q 1.  What mechanism enables the processes to communicate with each other?
a. Process threading
b. Process synchronization
c. Process communication
d. Interprocess Communication

Q 2.  What is the port in the socket
a. 192
b. 800
c. 168.101.1

Q 3.  Which of the following is used in synchronization mechanism?
a. Bound waiting
b. Progress
c. Semaphores
d. Deadlock

Q 4.  Which of the following is not the memory management technique?
a. Paging
b. Translation lookaside buffer
c. Segmentation
d. Mutual exclusion

Q 5.  Which mechanism is responsible in printer so that several application can print their output concurrently?
a. Caching
b. Spooling
c. Buffering
d. I/O scheduling

Q 6.  Which of the following is not the executable file extension?
a. .com
b. .bat
c. .exe
d. .txt

Q 7.  Which technique is used to abstract physical main memory into extremely large logical view of memory?
a. Paging
b. Virtual memory
c. Main memory
d. None of these

Q 8.  Which technique is generally used to implement virtual memory?
a. Caching
b. Spooling
c. Demand paging
d. Buffering

Q 9.  Which of the following is not an operating system?
a. Microsoft office
b. OS X
c. Windows 7
d. Ubuntu

Q 10. Which of the following is the function of operating system?
a. To allow resources to be used in efficient manner.
b. Makes computer more convenient to use.
c. To manage various processes.
d. All of the above

Q 1. (d), Q 2. (b), Q 3. (c), Q 4. (d), Q 5. (b), Q 6. (d), Q 7. (b), Q 8. (c), Q 9. (a), Q 10. (d)