Significance of Hridaya Kunj

Recently held meeting of India-China in Ahmedabad, they had a talk sitting on a ‘Swing’ in the verandah of Mahatma Gandhi’s home at Hridaya Kunj (Sabarmati Ashram).

From the biographies of Gandhiji, one can learn how central it was in struggle for freedom. As he chooses a site between jail & crematorium since he believes satyagrahi has to invariably go to either place.

The vision for the ashram was “to serve an an institution that would carry on search for truth and a platform to bring together a group of workers committed to non-violence who would help secure freedom for India. ”

It was one of the main centers during freedom struggle. It was the site from which satyagraha emerged as a moral statement against state power especially imperial powers. The ashram apart from being central for swaraj, was place where members were required to practice certain observances if they were to qualify public services. If they acquired the habit of observances then only they can serve the cause of truth.

Note: This article is contributed by our facebook group (Papertyari) member Kaushal Kishore Sharma.