Interview Experience: IBPS Clerk – Esakki Raj

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Dear reader,
Papertyari presenting you interview experience of IBPS Clerk of our reader Esakki Raj

Here is my detailed IBPS CLERK Interview with some of answers
On 09 feb 2015,I finished my Interview in S.V.University,Tirupati..It was an one hell of a experience and panel members were damn cool. First of all I reached the venue @ 8:45 AM but verification was already started and Im 3rd in my panel.They were calling me out but I havent yet started my ESSAY and asked them some more time to complete it.. Later I entered the room with 3 deep breaths and it was a panel of 5 members(4M,1F)..

Me: May I come in sir?
M2: yes come in
Me: Thank you sir
Me: Good morning sir(Individually),Good morning Ma’am
M2: Take your seat
Me: Thank you sir
M2: so ur name is Karuppasamy Esakkiraj
Me: Yes sir
M2: so whats the meaning of it?
Me: I told its one of the goddess name in my village M2 told ok ok
M2: so tell about ur family??
Me: told everything
M1: so u r tamizhan??
Me: yes sir
M2: ur native place ??
Me: tuticorin sir
M2: where have u done ur 12th??
Me: Tirupati sir
M1: u r frm EEE have u prepared anything on ur subject??
Me: nt that gud @ technical subject
M1: Then hw did u complete ur graduation??
Me: just gave a smile
M1:  tell me the functions of banking??
Me: replied but so many cross questions frm here onwards
M1: k tell in which currency and denomination foreign exchange reserves were calculated??
Me: In USD and told them current foreign exchange reserves were $327.88 million but they corrected its billion.I said to him THANK U SIR!
M1: k what have u prepared for the interview??
Me: told him banking terminologies and listed out some terms
M1: k tell me whats Repo Rate controversy??
Me: sry sir,I dnt know
M1: so how u will be suitable for clerk??
Me: I told
1)I believe in hardwork and whatever work entrusted to me I will complete and ensure that the job is done upto the expectation..
2)Iam also adaptable to any kind of environment as i stayed in hostel for 7 years there i have learnt how to mingle with different kind of people and also how to handle them as well..This will also help me to handle bank customers in a better manner.
3)Friendly with others..They were all convinced and gave me a smile
M3: who designed Rupee symbol??
Me: thought fr sometime and told sir that i couldnt recall it and he himself gave me the answer as Uday Kumar I told him thank u sir
M1: then something about Mann ki Bath but dnt remember the exact question??
Me: replied something
M4: stagflation??
Me: replied the answer after giving hint
M4: recently there is some news that a note is going to be released whats it??
Me: Aftr sometime I told Rs.25 note
M4: yes rs.25 note is proposed by an industrialist to Modi but its not gonna be considered
Me: then aftr sometime I told him Rs.1 note then he said it its correct..
M4: Tell the difference between previous and new Rs.1 note??
Me: I told may be some security features were added
M4: he said no and told me one rupee coin image will also be printed
Me: sry sir and then thank u sir
M1: what r u dng fr 2 years??
Me: preparing fr bank exams
M1: Have u cleared PO??
Me: yes sir
M1: Hw was ur interview??
Me: Average sir
M1: so r u expecting PO??
Me: Not really sir..
M1: why??
Me: I got less marks in written sir
M1: so u r having hopes on IBPS clerk then??
Me: yes sir
M1: Did u take coaching??
Me: yes sir ONLINE COACHING for 2 months..
F1: only player who got Bharat Ratna??
Me: sachin Tendulkar
F1: only industrialist who got Bharat Ratna??
Me: told sry mam i dnt know and she gave me the right answer and thanked mam
M2: who is the father of our constitution??
Me: Dr.B.R.AMBEDKAR and M2 asked one more question regarding it Im unable to answer it.
M1: so where do you want to work either in AP or Tamilnadu??(As iam tamizhan)
Me: Im comfortable working in AP as I have studied in various schools in AP(Madanapalli,Anantapur,Tirupati) as my father is working in Indian Railways who get frequent transfers around AP.They were convinced.
M1: So u r ready to work anywhere in AP??
Me: yes sir Im ready to work anywhere in AP..
All panel members wished me good luck with a smile and I thanked them and left the room..My Interview was in English but for others it will be in Telugu for AP students so just chill and ALL THE BEST for all those who gonna appear fr the interview in coming days..
sorry guys I couldnt remember some questions..

The panel members were cool..It was another gud experience..Overall my Interview lasted for 18 minutes..