Chemistry Questions set 1

Q 1. Who is the father of Modern Chemistry?
a. Antoine Lavoisier
b. Jabir ibn Hayyan
c. Robert Boyle
d. Democritus

Q 2. Anything occupies space, mass, can be felt by our senses?
a. Compound
b. Element
c. Matter
d. Substance

Q 3. If a mixture has uniform composition throughout then it is called?
a. Heterogeneous
b. Homogeneous
c. Organic Mixture
d. Inorganic Mixture

Q 4. Which metal is liquid at room temperature?
a. Zinc
b. Mercury
c. Gallium
d. Indium

Q 5. Which method is mostly used for separation and purification of solid substance?
a. Distillation
b. Filtration
c. Evaporation
d. Crystallization

Q 6. The Temperature at which the vapour pressure of the liquid is equal to atmospheric Pressure?
a. Melting Point
b. Decantation
c. Boiling point
d. Freezing point

Q 7. One Mole is equal to?
a. 6.023*1023 atom
b. 6.023*1023 particle
c. 6.023*1023 molecules
d. 6.023*1023 apples

Q 8. Proton has been discovered by?
a. Rutherford
b. J.J Thomson
c. Goldstein
d. George Johnstone Stoney

Q 9. Atoms of different element having the same no of the neutrons?
a. Isobars
b. Isotopes
c. Isoelectronic
d. Isotones

Q 10. No. of proton or electron in an atom of the element is called?
a. Mass Number
b. Atomic number
c. Isoelectronic
d. Isotopes

1(a), 2(c), 3(b), 4(b), 5(d), 6(c), 7(b), 8(c), 9(d), 10(b)