Organizational Behavior Study Material for B Com 2024

Organizational Behavior Study Material

Welcome students to this free B Com study material 2024. This course namely Organizational Behavior covers study material of Organizational Behavior for B Com students. The content consists of combination of article, PDFs and videos.

Organizational Behavior for B Com Study Material 2024

Broadly speaking, we have divided this study material of Organizational Behavior into five modules:

  1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior
  2. Individual Behavior
  3. Motivation and Communication
  4. Group Behavior and Leadership
  5. Dynamics of Organizational Behavior

Let’s go through each of these modules.

Introduction to Organizational Behavior

  • Meaning, Need and Importance of Organizational Behavior: Read Page 3 and 4 of this PDF
  • Contributing disciplines of Organizational behavior: Read page 4 to 8 of this PDF
  • Organizational Theories: Read this PDF, then watch this Video
  • Organizational Behavior Models: Read 4.2 from this PDF and also watch this Video

Individual Behavior

  • Foundations of Individual Behavior: Read this article and then watch this video
  • Personality
    • Concept and Nature of Personality: Read section 4.3 from this PDF
    • Factors influencing Personality: Read this PDF, then watch this video
    • Trait Theory of Personality: Read Page 3 to 7 of this PDF
    • Type A and Type B: Read 3.2 from this PDF
    • Personality Traits Theories
    • Personality Types

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