NCERT Class 10th Maths Study Material

NCERT Class 10th Maths Study Material

Welcome to the NCERT Class 10th Maths Study Material and Solutions

Welcome students to this free NCERT Class 10th Maths study material and solutions. In this course, we will provide you free chapter-wise study material for NCERT Class 10th Mathematics. We will also provide you solutions for exercises. The study material consists of articles, PDFs and videos.

NCERT Class 10th Maths Chapter-wise Study Material

The NCERT Class 10th syllabus is divided into 15 chapters. These 15 chapters are:

  1. Real Numbers
  2. Polynomials
  3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  4. Quadratic Equations
  5. Arithmetic Progressions
  6. Triangles
  7. Coordinate Geometry
  8. Introduction to Trigonometry
  9. Some Applications of Trigonometry
  10. Circles
  11. Constructions
  12. Areas Related to Circles
  13. Surface Areas and Volumes
  14. Statistics
  15. Probability

Lets’ start chapter-wise study of Class 10th Maths.

Chapter 1 – Real Numbers