Current Affairs Quiz September 20th 2019 for RBI/NABARD

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Here is the Current affairs quiz September 20th 2019 for RBI/IBPS PO in the quiz series for RBI grade B. This quiz series is also useful for IBPS/SBI PO, Railway recruitment, LIC AAO and clerical exams. The questions covers current affairs, static financial knowledge and other  important topics which can be asked in competitive exams. Answers are given at the end of the quiz.

Current affairs quiz September 20th 2019

Q1. Where does Nepal Infrastructure Summit 2019 held?

    1. Pokhara
    2. Lalitpur
    3. Birgunj
    4. Kathmandu

Q2. Which became the first Asian nation to unveil plain cigarette packaging?

    1. Thailand
    2. China
    3. India
    4. Indonesia

Q3. Where foundation stone of Indian Institute of Skills (IIS) has been laid down recently?

    1. Delhi
    2. Pune
    3. Mumbai
    4. Chennai

Q4. Who has inaugurated Southeast Asia’s largest solar power farm?

    1. Indonesia
    2. Vietnam
    3. Thailand
    4. Singapore

Q5. Who has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Finance Industry Development Council (FIDC) for training NBFC?

    1. International Finance Corporation
    2. IMF
    3. World Bank
    4. Asian Development Bank

Q6. Which institute is top ranked Indian institute in World University Rankings 2020?

    1. IIT Delhi
    2. IISc
    3. IIT Mumbai
    4. IIT Ropar

Q7. Which among the following is top ranked institute in World University Rankings 2020?

    1. Stanford University
    2. California Institute of Technology
    3. University of Oxford
    4. University of Cambridge

Q8. Where does Joint Military Exercise MAITREE-2019 held?

    1. Assam
    2. Meghalaya
    3. Phuket
    4. Bangkok

Q9. Which country has unveiled ‘Make In India’ train “Pulathisi Express”?

    1. Sri Lanka
    2. Nepal
    3. Afghanistan
    4. Bhutan

Q10. Who will provide Rs 3,000 crore assistance to finance mini and mega food parks across India?

    1. IMF
    2. World Bank
    3. Asian Development Bank
    4. New Development Bank


  1. 4
  2. 1
  3. 3
  4. 2
  5. 1
  6. 4
  7. 3
  8. 2
  9. 1
  10. 2

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