Current Affairs Quiz September 7th 2019 for RBI/NABARD

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Here is the Current affairs quiz September 7th 2019 for RBI/IBPS PO in the quiz series for RBI grade B. This quiz series is also useful for IBPS/SBI PO, Railway recruitment, LIC AAO and clerical exams. The questions covers current affairs, static financial knowledge and other  important topics which can be asked in competitive exams. Answers are given at the end of the quiz.

Current affairs quiz September 7th 2019

Q1. Where does India has launched RuPay card there by making it first country to initiate the Indian indigenous system of electronic payment?

    1. UK
    2. UAE
    3. Russia
    4. Saudi Arabia

Q2. Bandhan Bank has launched a co-branded credit card in association with which bank?

    1. Standard Chartered Bank
    2. HDFC Bank
    3. ICICI Bank
    4. Axis Bank

Q3. Who has partnered with Denmark-based firm to start DESMI Centre of Excellence on Waste-to-Wealth?

    1. IIT Mumbai
    2. IISc
    3. IIC Chennai
    4. IIT Delhi

Q4. Who has topped the Forbes’ list of highest-paid female actors in the world?

    1. Katrina Kaif
    2. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Scarlett Johansson
    4. Reese Witherspoon

Q5. Who has been appointed as the head of recently constituted 4-member Advisory Board for Banking Frauds?

    1. Madhusudan Prasad
    2. M. Bhasin
    3. Suresh N Patel
    4. Sharad Kumar

Q6. Who has been chosen for the ‘Eminent Engineer Award for the Year 2019’?

    1. Prabhakar Singh
    2. Bibek Debroy
    3. Sreedharan
    4. Ajay Bhatt

Q7. Where does G7 Summit 2019 held?

    1. Washington
    2. Tokyo
    3. London
    4. Biarritz

Q8. What amount of dividend and surplus reserves has been transferred by RBI to government?

    1. Rs 1.56 lakh crore
    2. Rs 1.66 lakh crore
    3. Rs 1.76 lakh crore
    4. Rs 1.86 lakh crore

Q9. Who has partnered with Incuspaze Solutions Private Limited (Incuspaze) to open a first-of-its-kind co-working space?

    1. RBI
    2. IDBI
    3. SEBI
    4. SIDBI

Q10. Who has partnered with Indian School of Business (ISB) to take forward their shared vision for an AI-empowered India?

    1. Google
    2. Microsoft
    3. Amazon
    4. Facebook


  1. 2
  2. 1
  3. 4
  4. 3
  5. 2
  6. 1
  7. 4
  8. 3
  9. 4
  10. 2

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