Daily GK Potion – 10th and 11th December 2015

  1. Mauricio Macri sworn in as Argentina’s first non-Peronist president in 14 years
    • Mauricio Macri has been sworn in as Argentina’s first non-Peronist president in 14 years
    • His predecessor, Cristina Fernández, was notably absent from the ceremony following weeks of bickering over logistics.
    • He vowed to eradicate poverty, stamp out drug cartels and bring “unity” to a nation sharply divided between Peronists and their opponents
  2. The National Dialogue Quartet, democracy group in Tunisia, collects Nobel Peace Prize
  3. Sharad Pawar’s autobiography On My Terms released
    • On My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power, an autobiography of Sharad Pawar was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
    • The book was released on the 75th birthday of Pawar, the Maratha strongman and the leader of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).
    • In this book, Pawar has detailed his experiences of political and social issues spanning 50 years
  4. Sanofi’s Dengvaxia, World’s First Dengue Vaccine, Approved For Use In Mexico
  5. Mexico became the first country in the world to approve a vaccine against dengue fever
    • Mexico’s drug regulator — the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk — said that the drug, named Dengvaxia, protected two-thirds of the over 40,000 patients who participated in clinical trials conducted in five countries spanning Latin America and Asia.
    • The vaccine was developed by the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi over a period of 20 years, and will be available to children over the age of nine and adults under the age of 45 residing in areas where the disease is endemic.
  6. SC upholds Haryana law which makes education must for panchayat candidates
    • Upholding the constitutional validity of a law enacted by Haryana government to bar the illiterate from contesting panchayat polls in the state.
    • The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that “it is only education which gives a human being the power to discriminate between right and wrong, good and bad”.

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