General awareness quiz for RBI grade B July 4th 2018

Here is the General awareness quiz for RBI grade B July 4th 2018 in the quiz series for RBI grade B. This quiz series is also useful for IBPS/SBI PO and clerical exams. The questions covers current affairs, static financial knowledge and other  important topics which can be asked in competitive exams. Answers are given at the end of the quiz.

General awareness quiz for RBI grade B July 4th 2018

  1. With whom does NITI Aayog have signed a Statement of Intent (SOI) to work together towards implementing a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) application using Blockchain Technology for fertiliser subsidy management?
    1. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
    2. Madras Fertilizers Ltd.
    3. National Fertilizers Ltd.
    4. Nagarjuna Frtilizers & Chemicals Ltd
  2. Which district has been ranked first in NITI Aayog’s first Delta ranking?
    1. Raichur
    2. Bijapur
    3. West Sikkim
    4. Dahod
  3. Where will United Arab Emirates consulate come up soon?
    1. Vishakapatnam
    2. Hyderabad
    3. Trivandrum
    4. Mumbai
  4. Who has received the IRDAI nod to acquire a majority stake in the IDBI bank?
    1. GIC
    2. United India Insurance
    3. LIC
    4. Oriental Insurance India Limited
  5. Which day will be celebrated as ‘GST Day’?
    1. 1st July
    2. 1st September
    3. 1st March
    4. 1st April
  6. Which state announced a new scheme called ‘Kanya Van Samruddhi Yojana’?
    1. Gujarat
    2. Andhra Pradesh
    3. Maharashtra
    4. Odisha
  7. Where does ninth meeting of Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Nepal-India Relations concluded?
    1. Bengaluru
    2. Kathmandu
    3. New Delhi
    4. Mumbai
  8. Where does Asia’s first arbitration centre specialised in intellectual property is slated to open?
    1. New Delhi
    2. Beijing
    3. Riyadh
    4. Tokyo
  9. According to US-based think tank Brookings, which country has the largest number of poor people in the world?
    1. India
    2. Nigeria
    3. Democratic Republic of the Congo
    4. Pakistan
  10. Which city has been named as smartest city in Middle East?
    1. Dubai
    2. Qatar
    3. Abu Dhabi
    4. Doha


  1. 1
  2. 4
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 1
  6. 3
  7. 2
  8. 4
  9. 2
  10. 3

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