Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)

Papertyari SEBI Grade A 2021 course

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) was launched on 25th December, 2000 by government of India (GOI) to provide all weather road connectivity in rural areas. It is administered by Ministry of Rural Development (MORD).


  • The program envisages connecting all habitations with population of 500 persons and above in plain areas and 250 persons and above in hill states, tribal areas, deserts and 60 left wing extremism affected
  • 1,36,464 habitations were targeted for providing road connectivity under PMGSY
  • The program also has ‘upgradation’ component with a target to upgrade 3.75 lakh KM of existing rural roads in order to ensure full market connectivity


Earlier it was centrally sponsored scheme. From 2015-16 onwards, the fund sharing ratio has been revised with GOI providing 60% and states providing 40% of funds. For North-east and hilly states, the ratio of sharing is 90:10 between GOI and corresponding state.

Budgetary Allocation

In budget 2017-18, the total allocation of funds to PMGSY is Rs 19,000 crore (Rs 1,07,758 crore allocated to MORD).


Between April, 2000 to 25thJanuary 2017, the PMGSY has connected 1.9 lakh habitations across the country. This amounts to 17% of all habitations.

Impact of implementation of PMGSY

  • Enhancement of employment opportunity
  • Better health and educational facilities
  • Easier for the farmers to move their agricultural products
  • Taxi services are being started on roads built under PMGSY that in-turn has made it possible for villagers to visit the health centres in short time
  • Schools are easily accessible to children
  • Increased economic opportunities