Daily Dose – 12: Cloze test for SBI PO

Gromo Referal

With unseasonal rain laying waste vast areas under the rabi crop in north India earlier this year and the threat of a _____(1) monsoon looming, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme could act as a real ____ (2) for distressed farm workers and labourers. The World Bank’s brief statement on the scheme on Tuesday to this effect, as part of its latest India Development Update, _____ (3) with recent empirical research that has revealed that the MGNREGS has acted as an effective _____ (4) in the absence of crop and weather insurance to poor farm households in some States lately. The National Democratic Alliance government would do well to ____ (5) this timely suggestion from the World Bank, which has released a volume on the scheme based on research done in 2009 and 2010. The Bank goes on to say that the MGNREGS can be a better-targeted scheme than even a cash transfer programme. Yet, reports reveal that there is much _____ (6) demand for labour provided under the MGNREGS over the past year, due to poor implementation by some State governments and a general _____ (7) shown by the NDA regime since last year. This is evident in the reduced outlays for the scheme and delays in transfer of monies to State governments which has led to ______ (8) wage payments. All this has resulted in an unresponsive set of conditions that has not encouraged demand for labour provided under the scheme. The government’s effort to identify the poorer districts for higher allocations has only seemed to _____ (9) demand in the other districts, which number much higher. The MGNREGS is a demand-driven scheme, but the fact that it requires _____ (10) conditions for its effective implementation is self-evident.

  1. a) deficient
    b) flawed
    c) faultless
    d) superfluous
  2. a) hindrance
    b) snag
    c) restraint
    d) salve
  3. a) dissent
    b) concurs
    c) band
    d) reprehend
  4. a) perennial
    b) abiding
    c) substitute
    d) proxy
  5. a) neglect
    b) disregard
    c) remiss
    d) heed
  6. a) achieved
    b) unmet
    c) apt
    d) conformed
  7. a) interest
    b) sympathy
    c) apathy
    d) fretfulness
  8. a) tardy
    b) prompt
    c) ready
    d) premier
  9. a) amplify
    b) expand
    c) curtail
    d) burgeon
  10. a) torrid
    b) scarce
    c) intolerable
    d) adequate


  1. a
  2. d
  3. b
  4. c
  5. d
  6. b
  7. c
  8. a
  9. c
  10. d

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