Simple Present Tense

Purpose: This tense is used:
  • To show the repetition of action.
  • To express habitual action.
  • To express truth.
  • For future planned actions known to all (Public activities/Action of celebrities/Media savvy activities).
General Form:
Its general form is:
Subject + V1/V5
V5 – with third person singular number
V1 – others
  • I get up early in the morning at 06:30 AM.
  • He takes walk every morning.
  • Two and two makes four.
  •  The PM visits Manipur tomorrow.
  • R. Raj Kumar releases in 25th December 2016.
Common identifiers of this tense are:
Every day, often, usually, regularly, occasionally, ever, never, seldom, seldom if ever, seldom or never, hardly, rarely, Once in a blue moon, by fits and starts.
Common Errors:
  • The BSC Academy will remain closed tomorrow.
    The BSC Academy remains closed tomorrow.
  • Dhananajay leaves for Delhi after two days.
    Dhananajay will leave for Delhi after two days.
  • Mohit is studying English newspaper by fits and starts.
    Mohit studies English newspaper by fits and starts.