Vocabulary: Must Read Words List – 1


Meaning in Englishthe loyality that citizen owe to their country
Meaning in Hindiनिष्ठा {राजभक्ति}
Usage in Sentence“Russia kills 10 militants who had sworn allegiance to IS”
Synonyms: devotion, faithfulness, homage, fidelity
Antonyms: disloyality, treachery, apathy, enmity
Mnemonic:– allegiance sounds like reliance which means dependence on someone like he is loyal to you.


Meaning in Englishthe savage and excessive killing of many people
Meaning in Hindiहत्या
Usage in Sentence:“Punjab was one of the main victims of carnage of 1947”
Synonyms: slaughter, bloodshed, massacre, butchery, bloodletting.
Antonyms: peace, amicability.
Mnemonic:– carnage -> car + nage (underage). If an underage drive a car it may cause destruction.


Meaning in English:
regarded as probable
– be anxious or excited about
Meaning in Hindiपुर्वानुमान करना, उम्मीद करना
Usage in Sentence:“The much anticipated program ‘Start Up India’ is launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”
Synonyms: expect, predict, forecast, prophesy, foretell.


Meaning in Englishconspire to devise or invent
Meaning in Hindiबनाना, जाल रचना
Usage in Sentence“Conspiracies are being hatched to destablise Modi government.”
Synonyms: formulate, plot, prepare, incubate.
Antonyms: discourage, finish, neglect, stop.


Meaning in Englisha blow, a serious or devastating setback
Meaning in Hindiबाधा
Usage in Sentence“Union budget 2016-17 holds another whammy for salaried employees by taxing their EPF.”
Synonyms: curse, jinx.


Meaning in Englisha feature of anything having complex structure, an outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something
Meaning in Hindiआकार, रूपरेखा
Usage in Sentence“We must try to understand the contours of the problem.”
Synonyms: figure, form, shape, profile.


Meaning in Englisha wind blowing from directly in front, opposing forward motion
Meaning in Hindiविपरीत परिस्थितियां
Usage in Sentence“Global slowdown and wages are headwinds for the growth”
Synonyms: opposition.


Meaning in Englishhaving a pleasantly sharp taste
Meaning in Hindiमसालेदार
Usage in Sentence“SYL canal issue puts governor in piquant situation”
Synonyms: poignant, spicy, tangy
Antonyms: clean, flavourless, moral, tasteless


Meaning in Englishhaving a great deal of money; wealthy
Meaning in Hindiसंपन्न, धनी, विपुल
Usage in Sentence“RSS opposes quota for affluent”
Synonyms: prosperous, rich, well-off
Antonyms: destitute, poor, unsuccessful, needy.


Meaning in EnglishWorthy of high praise
Meaning in Hindiप्रशंसनीय
Usage in Sentence“RBI governor has done commendable job in managing inflation.”
Synonyms: admirable, credible, laudable, exemplary.
Antonyms: unworthy, bad
Mnemonic– allegiance sounds like reliance which means dependence on someone like he is loyal to you.