Words starting with F (1-10)

1. Fabricate

Meaning in English: manufacture, construct, make up story in order to deceive.
Meaning in Hindi: – निर्माण करना, गढ़ना, जाल करना
Usage in Sentence:
“Intel fabricated new IC chips which produce less heat.”
Synonyms: forge, fake, counterfeit, make, create, manufacture, produce, build, form, formulate.
Antonyms: destroy, dismantle, wreck.


2. Factious

Meaning in English: inclined to dissension, inclined to form faction.
Meaning in Hindi: – अराजक, कलहप्रिय
Usage in Sentence:
“A factious group tried to overthrow government.”
Synonyms: divided, split, disagreeing, argumentive, clashing, warring, quarrelsome, rebellious, turbulent.
Antonyms: agreeing, peaceful, cooperative.
Mnemonic: Fact + ious. People who talk with facts are usually argumentive.


3. Falter

Meaning in English: speak hesitantly, lose strength or momentum, weaken in purpose.
Meaning in Hindi: – लड़खड़ाना, डिगना, भचकना
Usage in Sentence:
“The enthusiasm of team was faltering.”
Synonyms: hesitate, stammer, break, shake.
Antonyms: stabilize, calm, persist, continue, steady.
Mnemonic: Falter sounds like farter. People hesitate to fart in public.


4. Fanfare

Meaning in English: publicity, advertising, showy public display, a short air played.
Meaning in Hindi: – तुरही, गाजाबाजा, नगाड़ा या बिगुल की आवाज़
Usage in Sentence:
“A specially played fanfare announced the arrival of king.”
Synonyms: flourish, show, demonstration, shine.
Antonyms: concealment, hiding.
Mnemonic: Fanfare sounds like film fare awards which is very showy event.


5. Fastidious

Meaning in English: very difficult to please, very concerned about matter of cleanliness, very concerned about accuracy and detail.
Meaning in Hindi: – नकचढ़ा, तुनक मिजाज, कठिनता से तृप्त होने वाला
Usage in Sentence:
“Nitika was dresses with fastidious care.”
Synonyms: choosy, exacting, demanding, fussy, particular.
Antonyms: uncritical, unfussy, undemanding, uncareful.


6. Faze

Meaning in English: disconcert, embarrass, disturb.
Meaning in Hindi: – हतोत्साह करना, क्षुब्ध करना
Usage in Sentence:
“Ajay was not fazed by problems of life.”
Synonyms: annoy, confuse, dismay, abash, rattle.
Antonyms: aid, assist, embolden, encourage, enlighten, explicate.
Mnemonic: when your are embarrassed, your face (faze) color changes.


7. Feign

Meaning in English: pretend to be affected by.
Meaning in Hindi: – बहाना करना, गढ़ना, छल करना
Usage in Sentence:
“Monica feigned that she is nervous.”
Synonyms: fake, assume, counterfeit, imitate, fabricate.
Antonyms: be honest, tell truth.
Mnemonic: feign spell like foreign. Foreign people try to deceive by taking in your language.


8. Fell

Meaning in English: cut down, knock down, bring down, evil, deadly.
Meaning in Hindi: – गिराना, काट डालना, मारना
Usage in Sentence:
“Trees fell down due to heavy wind.”
Synonyms: cut, shoot, slash, demolish, split.
Antonyms: raise, build, construct, help, join, unite.


9. Ferocious

Meaning in English: violent, cruel, fierce.
Meaning in Hindi: – क्रूर, भयंकर, जंगली, निर्दयी
Usage in Sentence:
“Tiger is very ferocious animal.”
Synonyms: brutal, brutish,  wild, untamed, dangerous, aggressive, ravening, bloody, heartless.
Antonyms: tame, gentle, nice, compassionate.
Mnemonic: Ferocious sounds like furious.


10. Fetter

Meaning in English: chain used to restrain the prisoner, shackle,
Meaning in Hindi: – बेड़ी, बंधन, रोक
Usage in Sentence:
“Sanjay dutt was in fetters.”
Synonyms: bind, chain, handcuff, manacle.
Antonyms: liberate, permit, release, loosen.
Mnemonic: Fetter sounds like feet. Feet are tied with chains.