Words starting with G (1-10)

1. Gaffe

Meaning in English: a social blunder
Meaning in Hindi: – चूक, ग़लती, ग़लतफ़हमी, भूल
Usage in Sentence:
“Honey singh made real gaffe in party.”
Synonyms: blunder, mistake, error, howler.
Antonyms: correction.
Mnemonic: gaffe sounds like cartoon goofy who always make blunders.


2. Galvanic

Meaning in English: related to electric current produced by chemical reactions, energizing.
Meaning in Hindi: – रसायनिक क्रिया द्वारा उत्पन्न विद्युत, प्रेरक
Usage in Sentence:
“The galvanic effect of Sunny Leone.”
Synonyms: active, dynamic, energetic, lively, vigorous.
Antonyms: inactive, weak, unforceful.
Mnemonic: Think as Galvanic cell.


3. Gambol

Meaning in English: run or jump about playful, skip about.
Meaning in Hindi: – कलोल, कूद-फांद, नाचना, कूदना
Usage in Sentence:
“The children gambled around the playground.”
Synonyms: frisk, jump, play, leap.
Mnemonic: Gambol spell like game-ball which is game.


4. Garish

Meaning in English: excessively bright, showy, gaudy.
Meaning in Hindi: – भड़कीला, सुहावना, दिखावटी
Usage in Sentence:
“Nikesh was wearing garish T-shirt.”
Synonyms: gaudy, glittering, ornate, showy, glaring.
Antonyms: plain, modest, simple, normal.
Mnemonic: Garish sounds like garnish which means showy.


5. Gaunt

Meaning in English: lean because of suffering, thin, bony.
Meaning in Hindi: – क्षीण, दुर्बल, पतला
Usage in Sentence:
“A gaunt women in pink.”
Synonyms: haggard, skeletal, skiny, thin, bony, angular.
Antonyms: fat, heavy, thick, plumpful.


6. Gawk

Meaning in English: stare openly and stupidly, stare foolishly.
Meaning in Hindi: – बुरी नज़र से घूरना, अजीब
Usage in Sentence:
“Boys were gawking the girl in skirt.”
Synonyms: glare, gaze, look, goggle.

7. Genre

Meaning in English: a style or category of music/art/literature,
Meaning in Hindi: – शैली, अंग, रचना-पद्धति
Usage in Sentence:
“The genre of rock music.”
Synonyms: brand, category, kind, style, character.
Mnemonic: Genre sounds like general which is a category in government exams.


8. Gentry

Meaning in English: people of high social position, an upper class.
Meaning in Hindi: – कुलीन लोग, आर्य लोग, सभ्य लोग
Usage in Sentence:
“There is separate for gentry in train.”
Synonyms: aristocracy, high class, upper class.
Mnemonic: Gentry sounds like gentle. Gentle people are considered high class.


9. Gerontocracy

Meaning in English: a state or government ruled by old people.
Meaning in Hindi: – वृद्ध-तंत्र, वृद्ध-शासन
Mnemonic: Gerontos means old people.


10. Ghastly

Meaning in English: causing great horror, horrible, terrifying.
Meaning in Hindi: – भयंकर रूप से, डरावने रूप में, ख़ौफ़नाक रूप से
Usage in Sentence:
“The weather was ghastly today.”
Synonyms: frightening, terrible, horrid, horrible, dim, disgusting.
Antonyms: delightful, nice, pleasant.
Mnemonic: Ghastly is like ghostly.