Words starting with H (1-10)

1. Hay

Meaning in English: grass that has been mown and dried for use as fodder.
Meaning in Hindi: – सूखी घास
Usage in Sentence:
“A stack of hay.”
Synonyms: dried grass, fodder, straw, grass.


2. Haggle

Meaning in English: argument about price, dispute or bargain over cost of something.
Meaning in Hindi: – झंझट करना, सौदेबाज़ी करना, मोल चाल करना
 Usage in Sentence:
“Neha always haggle over the vegetable price with shopkeeper.”
Synonyms: bargain, squabble, argue, dispute, deal.
Antonyms: agree, comply.
Mnemonic: Haggle sounds like hey gal. What’s your price? Thoda kam kar na.


3. Hail

Meaning in English: call out to someone, frozen rain drop, to greet.
Meaning in Hindi: – पुकारना, अभिवादन करना, नमस्कार करना, ओले गिरना/पड़ना
Usage in Sentence:
“The crowd hailed the King.”
Synonyms: storm, rain, acclaim, acknowledge.
Mnemonic: Hail sounds like hai.


4. Hapless

Meaning in English: unfortunate, luckless.
Meaning in Hindi: – अभागी, बदकिस्मत
Usage in Sentence:
“The hapless victims of Tsunami.”
Synonyms: unlucky, woeful, cursed, loser, miserable, unhappy.
Antonyms: happy, fortunate, luck.
Mnemonic: hapless = happy + less.


5. Hardy

Meaning in English: robust, sturdy, capable of enduring difficult situation.
Meaning in Hindi: – साहसी, बलशाली, वीर
Usage in Sentence:
“Indian soldiers are hardy.”
Synonyms: solid, stalwart, capable, enduring, healthy, hardened.
Antonyms: soft, sick, weak, unhealthy.
Mnemonic: Hardy is like hard.


6. Hatch

Meaning in English: a small opening in floor/wall, to bring forth (young) from egg.
Meaning in Hindi: – अंडे से निकलना
 Usage in Sentence:
“The little chicks hatched out.”
Synonyms: generate, make up, lay eggs.
Antonyms: destroy, discourage, end, finish.
Mnemonic: Remember hatching of eggs.


7. Havoc

Meaning in English: widespread damage, destruction, great confusion or disorder.
Meaning in Hindi: – तबाही, विनाश, बरबादी
Usage in Sentence:
“Tsunami caused havoc in Southern India.”
Synonyms: calamity, catastrophe, chaos, confusion, destruction, devastation, disruption.


8. Headfirst

Meaning in English: moving with leading head, rashly.
Usage in Sentence:
“He headfirst into the wall.”
Synonyms: carelessly, hastly, rashly.


9. Heed

Meaning in English: close attention, pay attention to.
Meaning in Hindi: – ध्यान, सावधानी, देख-भाल
Usage in Sentence:
“Mohit heeded warning given by principal.”
Synonyms: observance, concern, consideration, observation, concentration, interest.
Antonyms: disinterest, ignorance, neglect, carelessness.


10. Heinous

Meaning in English: hateful, wicked.
Meaning in Hindi: – घृणित, घोर, बुरा
Usage in Sentence:
“Rape is a heinous crime.”
Synonyms: abominable, hideous, hateful, vicious, outrageous, revolting, shocking.
Antonyms: delightful, friendly, good, kind, pleasant, lovable.
Mnemonic: Heinous = hey + anus. If you call someone anus, he will hate you.