Words starting with A (21-30)

 List (21-30)

21. Anodyne

mid 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek anōdunos ‘painless’, from an- ‘without’ + odunē ‘pain’..
Meaning in English:
 a pain killer medicine, anything that relieves distress or pain.
Meaning in Hindi: – वेदनाहर, पीड़ानाशक
Usage in Sentence:
“The music was anodyne to his grief.”
Synonyms: analgesic, pain-killer, palliative, sedative.
Mnemonic: Anodyne = a + no + dyne (dying). If you don’t want someone to die with pain, then give him anodyne.

22. Anoint

Middle English: from Old French enoint ‘anointed’, past participle of enoindre, from Latin inungere, from in- ‘upon’ + ungere ‘anoint, smear with oil’.
Meaning in English:
 smear or rub with oil, consecrate
– nominate or choose someone as successor to or leading candidate for a position.
– Ceremonially confer divine or holy office upon (priest or monarch) by rubbing with oil.
Meaning in Hindi: – राज तिलक करना, तेल लगाना, अभिषेक करना
 Usage in Sentence:
“He was anointed king by people.”
Synonyms: consecrate, rub, sanctify, embrocate.
Mnemonic: Anoint = An + oint. (Oint ~ oil). Applying oil on someone in religious ceremony.

23. Anomalous

mid 17th cent.: via late Latin from Greek anōmalos (from an- ‘not’ + homalos ‘even’).
Meaning in English:
 deviating from common form, order.
–  Abnormal, irregular, inconsistent.
–  deviation from standard.
Meaning in Hindi: – विषम, अनियमित
 Usage in Sentence:
“My phone is behaving anomalous today.”
Synonyms: abnormal, atypical, inconsistent, aberrant, exceptional, divergent, irregular, bizarre, odd, unorthodox, unusual.
Antonyms: standard, usual, ordinary, normal, regular, conforming.
Mnemonic: Anomalous = a (not) + normal. Anything not normal is anomalous.

24. Anomaly

late 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek anōmalia, from anōmalos.
Meaning in English:
 something that deviates from standard, normal or expected.
–  an odd, peculiar or strange situation.
–  Abnormal, irregular, inconsistent.
Meaning in Hindi: – अनियमितता, असंगति, अवैधता
 Usage in Sentence:
“There are number of anomalies on our government systems.”
Synonyms: abnormal, atypical, inconsistent, aberrant, exceptional, divergent, irregular, bizarre, odd, unorthodox, unusual.
Antonyms: standard, usualness, sameness, normality, regularity, conformity.
Mnemonic: Anomaly is same as anomalous.

25. Anonymity

1810–20; anonym(ous) + -ity, or < French anonymité
Meaning in English:
 State of or quality being anonymous.
–  State of being nameless
Meaning in Hindi: – गुमनामी, अज्ञात वास
Usage in Sentence:
“The scientist vanished in anonymity before working for nuclear energy firm.”
Synonyms: namelessness, ambiguity, fuzziness, dimness, obscureness.
Mnemonic: Anonymity = A + no + name. It can be remembered as something nameless.

26. Antagonism

early 19th cent.: from French antagonisme, from Greek antagōnizesthai ‘struggle against’.
Meaning in English:Active hostility or opposition, an opposing force
Meaning in Hindi: – शत्रुता, विरोध, वैर भाव
 Usage in Sentence:
“There is an antagonism between congress and BJP.”
Synonyms: friction, opposition, conflict, discord, bitterness, rancor, enmity, antipathy, resistance, clashing.
Antonyms: friendship, good will, rapport, agreement, like.
Mnemonic: Antagonism is like Anti + go. If you say a women anti go, she will show active opposition.

27. Antecede

1615–25;  < Latin antecēdere  to go before, precede, excel, surpass.
Meaning in English:Go back in time, precede, go back further.
Meaning in Hindi: – पूर्व
 Usage in Sentence:
“Atal Bihar Vajpayee anteceds L.K. Advani”
Synonyms: backdate, predate, precede, forerun
Mnemonic: Antecede = Anti + cede (Proceed). Think of it like anti of proceed means go backward.

28. Antediluvian

mid 17th cent.: from ante- + Latin diluvium ‘deluge’.
Meaning in English:old fashioned, belonging to time before biblical flood, extremely ancient, antiquated.
Meaning in Hindi: – पुराना, प्राक्कालीन, प्रलयपूर्व
 Usage in Sentence:
“Archeologist found gigantic bones of antediluvian animals.”
Synonyms: passé, primitive, antique, obsolete, ancient, old.
Antonyms: current, modern, up to-date, fresh, recent.
Mnemonic: Antediluvian = anti +  dye + luvian. Think an anti hair dye lga rahi hai so she is old.

29. Anthem

Old English antefn, antifne (denoting a composition sung antiphonally), from late Latin antiphona (see antiphon). The spelling with th, which began in the 16th cent., was on the pattern of similar words such as Antony, Anthony .
Meaning in English:song of patriotism or praise, a piece of scared music, a hymn sung alternatively by different sections of choir.
Meaning in Hindi: – गान, स्तुति, भजन, धार्मिक समूहगान
 Usage in Sentence:
“Jana gana man is national anthem of India.”
Synonyms: hymn. Melody, chorus, chant.
Mnemonic: Remember Jana Gana Mana as our national anthem. It is a patriotic song.

30. Anthology

mid 17th cent.: via French or medieval Latin from Greek anthologia, from anthos ‘flower’ + -logia ‘collection’ (from legein ‘gather’). In Greek, the word originally denoted a collection of the ‘flowers’ of verse, i.e. small choice poems or epigrams, by various authors.
Meaning in English:collection of selected writings by various artists, book of literary selection by various authors, a published collection of poems.
Meaning in Hindi: – संकलन, पद्यावली
 Usage in Sentence:
“This book is an anthology of modern philosophy.”
Synonyms: album, compilation, selection, omnibus.
Mnemonic: We say nth in math, so N number writings compiled.