Agronomy: Definition, Meaning, Scope of Agronomy


Agronomy is defined as an agricultural science deals with principles and practices of crop production and field management. It deals with principles, practices of soil, water & crop management. It deals with methods which provide favorable environment to the crop for higher productively with the efficient use of soil fertility, water, labourer and other factors related to crop production.

Agronomy is considered as mother branch among all the branches of agriculture. Agronomy is a synthesis of several disciplines like crop science, which includes plant breeding, crop physiology and biochemistry etc., and soil science, which includes soil fertilizers, manures etc., and environmental science which includes meteorology and crop ecology.

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Scope of Agronomy

  • Identification of proper season for cultivation of wide range of crops
  • Proper methods of cultivation are needed to reduce the cost of cultivation and maximize the yield and economic returns
  • Availability and application of chemical fertilizers has necessitated the generation of knowledge to reduce the ill-effects due to excess application and yield losses due to the unscientific manner of application
  • New technology to overcome the effect of moisture stress under dry land condition is explored by Agronomy and future agriculture is depends on dry land agriculture
  • Keeping farm implements in good shape and utilizing efficient manner to nullify the present day labour crisis is further broadening the scope of agronomy
  • Restoration of soil fertility, proper conservation of soil moisture
  • Preparation of good seed bed
  • Proper control of weeds to make land resources more productive
  • New varieties of crops with high yield potential has to be exploited
  • Appropriate water management practices has to be developed

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