Seed Production | Scope and Importance of Seed Production

scope and importance of Seed production

In seed production adequate care is given from the purchase of seeds upto harvest adopting proper seed and crop management techniques.

Let’s first discuss about Seed. Any plant part used for raising the crop is seed. Seed include true seed seedling cutting, rhizome, grafts, roots etc used for Propagation. Seed is crucial and basic input to increase crop yields per unit area. Availability of quality seeds of improved cultivars is considered crucial for realizing productivity and adoption of cultivars in different agro-climatic conditions. The quality of seed alone is known to account for at least 10-15% increase in the productivity (ICAR 1993). However, lack of quality seed continues to be one of the greatest impediments to bridging the vast yield gap.

Seed Production

Systemized crop production is known as seed production. The benefits are:

  • Higher income
  • Higher quality seed for next sowing

Scope and Importance of Seed Production

Seed is the critical determinant of agricultural production on which depends the performance and efficacy of other inputs. Quality seeds appropriate to different agro-climatic conditions and in sufficient quantity at affordable prices are required to raise productivity. Sustained increase in agriculture production and productivity necessarily requires continuous development of new and improved varieties of crops and efficient system of production and supply of seeds to farmers.

To meet the Nation’s food security needs, it is important to make available to Indian farmers a wide range of seeds of superior quality, in adequate quantity on a timely basis. Public Sector Seed Institutions will be encouraged to enhance production of seed towards meeting the objective of food and nutritional security

National Seed Policy 2002

The main objectives of the National Seeds Policy are the provision of an appropriate climate for the seed industry to utilize available and prospective opportunities, safeguarding of the interests of Indian farmers and the conservation of agro-biodiversity

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