Seed Village | Characteristics, Advantages of Seed Village

seed village

Seed Village is a village, wherein trained group of farmers are involved in production ‘of seeds of various crops and cater to the needs of themselves, fellow farmers of the village and farmers of neighboring villages in appropriate time and at affordable cost

Characteristics of Seed Village

  • Seed is available at the door steps of farms at an appropriate time
  • Seed availability at affordable cost even lesser than market price
  • Increased confidence among the farmers about the quality because of known source of production
  • Producer and consumer are mutually benefited
  • Facilitates fast spread of new cultivars of different kinds

Advantages of Seed Village

  • Solve the problem of isolation. Mainly in cross pollinated crops like maize, sunflower where it required more Isolation distance the problem will be solved by raising a single variety in a large area.
  • Mechanization is possible from sowing to harvesting
  • Post harvest handling of seed is easy .
  • Because of a single variety, the problem of varietal admixture during processing, drying will be avoided
  • Seed certification official will cover large area per unit time
  • It reduces the cost of cultivation
  • Seed will be with high genetic, physical purity


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