Banking – Questions Set 4

In our series of questions for various banking competitive exams, here is questions of general awareness for IBPS PO 2014 exam, SBI and other banking exams.

Q 1. Recently RBI decided to fix the maximum age for Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers in private sector banks. What is this age limit?
a. 60 years
b. 62 years
c. 65 years
d. 70 years

Q 2. RBI created a new post which will be responsible for executing RBI’s reform agenda, what is this post?
a. CEO
b. COO
c. HR
d. MD

Q 3. As per BASEL-III, what is the minimum required capital level for Tier-1 capital?
a. 7 %
b. 7.5 %
c. 8 %
d. 8.5 %

Q 4. What is the number of free transaction limit that once can perform on other bank’s ATM?
a. 3
b. 5
c. 7
d. unlimited

Q 5. As per BASEL-III, what is the minimum required capital level for Common Equity Tier-1 (CET-1) capital?
a. 5 %
b. 5.5 %
c. 6 %
d. 6.5 %

Q 6. What is the minimum paid up capital requirement for small banks and payment banks?
a. Rs. 1000 crore
b. Rs. 500 crore
c. Rs. 200 crore
d. Rs. 100 crore

Q 7. What the investment limit under PPF as announced in budget?
a. Rs 1 lac
b. Rs. 1.5 lac
c. Rs. 2 lac
d. Rs. 2.5 lac

Q 8. RBI issued guidelines for ‘anytime anywhere’ bill payment system known as?
a. Bharat Bill Payment System
b. Bharat Bill Payment Solution
c. Mobile Bill Payment System
d. Mobile Bill Payment Solution

Q 9. Which committee will carry out the feasibility study to set up GIRO based payment solution?
a. Nachiket Mor committee
b. P J Nayak committee
c. G. Padmanabhan Committee
d. Usha Thorat panel

Q 10. As per RBI guidelines, all new ATM installed should be talking ATMs with braille keypad with effect from?
a. June 1, 2014
b. July 1, 2014
c. June 1, 2015
d. July 1, 2015

1. d
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. b
6. d
7. b
8. a
9. c
10. b