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Here are some questions related to ATM in India.


Q 1. Full form of ATM? Automated Teller Machine

Q 2. No of free transactions permitted per month at other bank ATMs for Saving Bank Account holders? 5 Free Transactions per month
      Note: Recently RBI has reduced the transation limit from 5 to 3 in Six Metropolitan Cities

Q 3. How much bank charges when you check your account balance on ATM after free Transaction limit? 5 Rs

Q 4. How much Bank charges beyond the Transaction limit? Rs 20 per transaction

Q 5. Time Limit for resolving customer’s complaint by issuing Banks? Within 7 Working Days from the date of receipt of customer complaint

Q 6. In case failure to re-credit customer’s account within 7 Days how much compensation is paid to the customer? Rs 100 per day

Gromo Referal

Q 7. First Bank to introduce ATM? Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ( HSBC)

Q 8. First Bank to provide Mobile ATM? ICICI

Q 9. India’s First Talking ATM launched by which Bank? Union Bank of India

Q 10. Non-Bank owned ATM is also called____ White Label ATM’s

Q 11. India’s First Company to open White Label ATM’s? Tata Communications Payments Solutions Ltd

Q 12. India’s First Non-Bank owned ATM (White Label ATM’s) opens in which State? Maharashtra (in Thane District)

Q 13. Which city gets the countries first Talking ATM? Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Q 14. Talking ATM has what kind of Special Interface? Voice Interface

Q 15. Who inaugurate countries first Talking ATM? Chairman and Managing Director of Union Bank of India, D Sarkar.

Q 16. Which was the second bank to launch Talking ATM in India? State Bank of India

Q 17. What type of cards can be used at an ATM? The ATM cards/debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards(that permit cash withdrawal)

Q 18. In case the compensation is not credited as mandated, what recourse does the customer have? For all such complaints customer may lodge a complaint with the local Banking Ombudsman if the bank does not respond

Note: This article is contributed by our facebook group (Papertyari) member Pankaj Sharma.

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