Biology – Question Set 5

Q1. Oogenesis is defined as
a. Formation of sperms
b. Formation of egg
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of the above

Q2. Which bonds are present between nitrogen bases in DNA?
a. Peptide bond
b. Coordinate bond
c. Covalent bond
d. H-bond

Q3. Which of the following linking is correct in DNA?
a. A-G, T-A
b. A-T, G-C
c. A-G, T-C
d. A-C, T-A

Q4. Feathers of butter fly, bat and birds are examples of?
a. Analogous organs
b. Homologous organs
c. Vestigial organs
d. None of these

Q5. ‘XXY’/ ‘XYY’ instead of ‘XY/XX’ in human leads to?
a. Klinefelter syndrome
b. Haemophilia
c. Colour blindness
d. Down’s syndrome

Q6. What is the no of chromosomes present in Diploid cell?
a. n
b. 2n
c. n+2
d. None of these

Q7. Entomophily is?
a. Pollination by insects
b. Pollination by wind
c. Pollination by water
d. None of these

Q8. Glucose is basic source of?
a. Fats
b. Minerals
c. Vitamins
d. Carbohydrates

Q9. Typhoid is caused by?
a. House fly
b. Mosquito
c. Salmonella typhi
d. Mycoplasma

Q10. Bt in Bt cotton represents?
a. Bacillus Thuringiensis
b. Bacillus Tetrad
c. Bacillus Triome
d. Bacillus Thrombosis

1(b), 2(d), 3(c),4(a), 5(a), 6(b), 7(a), 8(d), 9(c), 10(a)