Biology – Questions set 3

Q1. Who invented vitamin A?
a. F.G. Hopkin
b. Holst
c. M.C. Collum
d. Stenach

Q2. Which is the largest and heaviest mammal?
a. Blue Whale
b. African elephant
c. Ostrich
d. Python

Q3. Which is the smallest bird?
a. Sparrow
b. Humming Bird
c. Shrew
d. Peacock

Q4. Which is the busiest human organ?
a. Lever
b. Brain
c. Lungs
d. Heart

Q5. In which condition, the concentration of glucose in the body is very low?
a. Pneumonia
b. Emphysema
c. Hyperglycemia
d. None of the above

Q6. The strongest part of the human body is?
a. Arm
b. Legs
c. Skull
d. Enamel of teeth

Q7. The fastest nerve speed is?
a. 530 kmph
b. 531 kmph
c. 532 kmph
d. 533 kmph

Q8. The disease caused by bite of dog is called?
a. Rabies
b. Hypermetropia
c. Colic
d. Migraine

Q9. Study of dreams is called?
a. Ethology
b. Oneirology
c. Kalology
d. Exobiology

Q10. Who is the inventor of chloroform?
a. Banting
b. Robert Koch
c. Edward Jenner
d. Simpson

1(c), 2(a), 3(b),4(d), 5(c), 6(d), 7(c), 8(a), 9(b), 10(d)