Geography – Questions set 1

Q 1.  How many pressure belts are there?
a. 3
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

Q 2. Which winds fall in the range 30oN to 30oS?
a.   Westerlies
b.   Trading winds
c.   Polar winds
d.   Easterlies

Q 3. In which direction winds rotate in southern hemisphere?
a.    Clockwise
b.   Straight
c.   Tangent
d.   Anticlockwise

Q 4. Which region receives maximum convection rainfall?
a.   Tropical region
b.   Polar region
c.   Temperate region
d.   Freezed region

Q 5. Maximum production of coffee in India?
a.    Kerala
b.   Tamil Nadu
c.    Karnataka
d.   Andhra Pradesh

Q 6. Which ocean has longest coastline?
a.   Arctic Ocean
b.   Pacific Ocean
c.   Atlantic Ocean
d.   Indian Ocean

Q 7. Study of moon is called?
a.   Cosmology
b.   Geology
c.   Selenology
d.   Astrology

Q 8. At what height oxygen is in negligible quantity?
a.   100 km
b.   110 km
c.   120 km
d.   160 km

Q 9. Which is India’s Highest Peak?
a.    Mount Everest
b.   Kanchenjunga
c.   K2
d.   Dhaulagiri

Q 10.  Which is Indian Himalayas highest Peak?
a.   Mount Everest
b.   Kanchenjunga
c.   K2
d.   Dhaulagiri

Q 1. (d), Q 2. (b), (d), Q 3. (d), Q 4. (a), Q 5. (c), Q 6. (c), Q 7. (c), Q 8. (c), Q 9. (c), Q 10. (b)