Career Planning: Meaning, Objectives and Need

Career Planning is an organisational system of career movement and growth opportunities from the point of entry of an individual in employment to the point of his or her retirement. Career planning is not an event or an end in itself, but a process of development of human resources. It is the process of setting individual career objectives and devising developmental activities necessary to achieve them.

Career Planning

What is Career?

The career can be defined as a sequence of separate but related work activities that provide continuity, order and meaning to a person’s life. It consists of a series of properly sequenced role experiences, leading to an increasing level of responsibility, status, power, and rewards.

What is the need of Career Planning?

The need to plan for an employee’s career is caused by both economic and social forces.

  • Increasing utilisation of managerial reserves within the organisation.
  • Ensuring performance of employees at satisfactory levels by meeting their needs and aspirations for growth
  • Reducing employed turnover for lack of promotional avenues
  • Maintaining and improving motivation and morale of employees

All these needs are met by matching individual abilities and needs to the demands and rewards of the job through proper career planning and designing

Objectives of Career Planning

Some of the objectives of career planning are:

  • Attraction and retention of the right type of persons in the organisation.
  • Mapping of careers of employees in the organisation suitable to their ability and skill, and their willingness to be trained and developed for higher positions.
  • Better use of human resources, more satisfied and productive employees, and more fulfilling careers.
  • Reducing employee turnover and absenteeism, and thus having a more stable and satisfied workforce.
  • Increasing utilisation of managerial reserves available at all levels within the organisation.
  • Improvement of morale and motivation of employees by matching their individual abilities and needs to the demand and reward of the job ensuring them adequate opportunities for promotion and growth in the organisation.
  • Overall achievement of organisational development, higher productivity and fulfillment of corporate objectives.
  • Ensure that men and women of promise are given a sequence of experiences that will equip them for whatever responsibility they have the ability to reach.
  • Provide individuals with the guidance and encouragement they may need if they are to fulfil their potentials and remain with the organisation

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