What is Directing Function of Management?

Directing function of management refers to the process of instructing, guiding, counselling, motivating and leading people in the organisation to achieve its objectives. It is one of the key managerial functions performed by every manager.
What is Directing function of management

Principles of Directing Function of Management

A manager has to deal with people with diverse background, and expectations. Certain guiding principles of directing may help in directing process are briefly explained below:

  1. The directing techniques must help every individual in the organisation to contribute to his maximum potential for achievement of organisational objectives. It should bring out untappted energies of employees for the efficiency of organisation
  2. The good directing should provide harmony by convincing that employee rewards and work efficiency are complimentary to each other.
  3. Unity of Command: This principle insists that a person in the organisation should receive instructions from one superior only. If instructions are received from more than one, it creates confusion, conflict and disorder in the organisation. Adherence to this principle ensures effective direction.
  4. The appropriate motivational and leadership technique should be used while directing the people based on subordinate needs, capabilities, attitudes and other situational variables
  5. Effective managerial communication across all the levels in the organisation makes direction effective. Directing should convey clear instructions to create total understanding to subordinates
  6. A manager should spot informal groups or organisations and make use of such organisations for effective directing.
  7. While directing the subordinates, managers should exercise good leadership as it can influence the subordinates positively without causing dissatisfaction among them
  8. Managers should not give orders but also follow it up by reviewing continuously whether orders are being implemented accordingly or any problems are being encountered.

Elements of Direction

The process of directing involves guiding, coaching, instructing, motivating, leading the people in an organisation to achieve organisational objectives. There are broadly four elements of directing. These are:

  • Supervision
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Communication

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