Four Factors Affecting Morale of employee

Factors affecting morale
The factors affecting morale of the employees in an organization:

  1. Organization: The morale is based upon the understanding that an employee’s future depends upon the success of the organisation, and that the efficient service leads to high pay, job security, and promotions. Employees morale must be won through, sound personnel policies. A clear structure with well-defined duties and responsibilities encourages people to work with confidence To maintain employees morale every organisation is required to ensure the following:
    1. human relations programme
    2. Survey of employees attitude should be undertaken to initiate corrective action
    3. Free flow of information to and from the employees and among employees
    4. A reward system for good work
  2. Nature of Work: Employees want jobs that match their needs, values and personalities. Employees will be happy when they believe themselves to be competent in performing meaningful work. Work is the most important activity which influences the self-esteem of an employee. Tedious, boring and routine work will not contribute morale building. The building and its appearance, the condition of machine tools available at work place, provisions for safety, medical aid and repair to machinery, etc. have an impact on employees morale
  3. Fellow Employees: Co-employees interaction also influences employees’ morale. Fellow-employees non-cooperation, jealous attitude. Carelessness create undesirable work environment. Man, being a social animal, finds his work more satisfying if he feels that he has the acceptance and companionship of his fellows. If he has confidence in his fellow employees and faith in their loyalty, his morale will be high. Poor attitude of co-employees influences others
  4. Supervisory Techniques: An important step in the morale-building programme is to instill in supervisors the need for applying human relations in supervision. Supervision must help the employees to enjoy the anticipation of future satisfactions of their drives. Supervisor should be fair and impartial in dealing with his assistants. He should also build up the pride of the employee in his work by explaining its importance and giving recognition for good work.

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