Feedback, Feedback Types: Positive, Corrective, Negative

Feedback is important in letting your employees know how they are doing. Without it, employees tend to assume that their performance is acceptable. Giving feedback on performance requires an intelligent and diplomatic approach.  Overwhelmingly negative feedback often causes genuine stress, demotivation, demoralisation, and even depression, all of which can have a serious impact on how someone does his job.

It is an essential component of a learning and performance culture. Provides constructive feedback to help staff improve performance

feedback and types of feedback

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Types of Feedback

There are three types of feedback:

  • Positive Feedback: A feedback is said to be positive when it is given promptly and with interest in it. Supervisors consider positive feedback in a different way comparing negative feedback. It is received by a positive sense, correctly perceived and accepting the reality. The recipient also does the same thing Positive feedback strengthens performance. Gives clarity to the employee about good performance. Creates enthusiasm. Builds confidence and self-esteem. Increases appropriate risk-taking and innovation. Demonstrates care and involvement. Makes an employee feel acknowledged
  • Corrective Feedback: It is information provided to an employee about how her or its behavior, actions, style, strategies, etc. are perceived by and affecting others. It is meant to lead to positive change in employee. Corrective feedback must be delivered in such a way and by such a person that it will be attended to, rather than simply arousing defensiveness, denial, or anger
  • Negative Feedback: In the case of negative feedback, there is always some resistance and some degree of unwillingness in its acceptance. It is not almost always accepted. Managers show resistance because they want to hear always only good news and resist bad and unpleasant news. In some cases, managers accept negative¬† feedback

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