What are Goals of HRD (Human Resource Development)?

Human Resource Development (HRD) is the process of helping people to acquire competencies and skills so as to ensure their usefulness to the organisation in terms of both present and future organizational conditions. It also helps the employees to understand their own capabilities better so that they can best utilise them and also fulfill their expectation both professional and personal. Let’s now discuss the goals of HRD.

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Goals of HRD

The goals of HRD are to develop:

  • The capabilities of each employee as an individual
  • The capabilities of each individual in relation to his or her present role
  • The capabilities of each employee in relation to his or her expected future role(s)
  • The dyadic relationship between each employee and his or her supervisor,
  • The team spirit and functioning in every organisational unit
  • Collaboration among different units of the organisation
  • The organisation’s overall health and self-renewing capabilities which, in turn, increase the enabling capabilities of individuals, dyads, teams, and the entire organisation.

goals of hrd

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