Three Levels of Management: Top, Middle and Operational

levels of managementDifferent managers manage their enterprise at different level. Management is bound together in hierarchy of relationships. There are three levels of management in the hierarchy of an organization. These are:
1. Top Management
2. Middle Management
3. Operational Management

Lets’ discuss these levels one by one.

Levels of Management: Top Management

They consist of the senior-most executives of the organisation. Top management is a team consisting of managers from different functional levels, heading finance, marketing, board chairman, president, vice-presidents etc.

  • They integrate diverse elements and coordinate the activities of different departments according to the overall objectives of the organisation
  • They are responsible for the welfare and survival of the organisation.
  • They analyse the business environment and its implications for the survival of the firm.
  • They formulate overall organisational goals and strategies for their achievement
  • They are responsible for all the activities of the business and for its impact on society

Middle Management

It is the link between top and lower level managers. They are subordinate to top managers and superior to the first line managers. They are usually referred as division heads.

  1. They are responsible for implementing and controlling plans and strategies developed by top management.
  2. They are responsible for all the activities of first line managers.
  3. They carry out the plans formulated by the top managers

Supervisory or Operational Management

Foremen and supervisors comprise the lower level in the hierarchy of the organisation.

  • Supervisors directly oversee the efforts of the workforce.
  • They interact with the actual work force and pass on instructions of the middle management to the workers.
  • The authority and responsibility of supervisors is limited according to the plans drawn by the top management.
  • The quality of workmanship and the quantity of output depends on the hard work, discipline and loyalty of the workers.

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