What is Nature and Scope of Management

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Management consists of a series of interrelated functions that are performed by all managers. Let’s understand the Nature and Scope of management.
Nature and Scope of Management

Nature of Management

  1. Universality: It is a universal phenomenon in the sense that it is common and essential in all enterprises. The principles of management can be applied in all managed situations regardless of size, nature and locations of organisation. Universality also implies that managerial skills are transferable and managers can be trained and developed.
  2. Purposeful: it is always aimed at achieving organisation goals and purposes. The success of management is measured by the extent to which desired objectives are attained. The tasks of management are directed towards effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Social Process: It involves managing people organized in work groups. It involves retaining, developing and motivating people at work as well as taking care of their satisfaction as social beings.
  4. Coordinating Force: It coordinates the efforts of organizational members through elderly arrangement of inter-related activities to avoid duplication of efforts.
  5. Intangible: It is intangible. Its presence can be felt by outcomes of its efforts in the form of orderly, adequate, work output, employee satisfactions etc.
  6. Continuous Process: It is an ongoing process. The cycle of management continues as long as there is existence of organisation.
  7. Composite Process: Management is a composite process made up of individual components. All the functions are performed by several components in orderly fashion.
  8. Creative Organ: Management creates synergy by producing results which are more than the sum of individual efforts of group members. It provides creative ideas, new imagination and vision to group efforts.

Scope of Management

Management deals with clearly defined activities without which progress is not possible. It confines to concepts, principles, theory related to managerial functions.

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