Verbal vs Non-Verbal Communication: Advantages

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Broadly speaking, there are two forms of communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication. Though there is considerable scope of Verbal vs Non-Verbal Communication, we will confine ourselves to the various types of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Verbal Communication

In verbal communication, the message is communicated using words. Communication over long distances is mostly done through words, either written or spoken. The examples of verbal communication are face-to-face conversation, telephonic talk, meetings, conferences etc. The verbal communication is further divided into Oral and Written Communication.

  • Oral Communication: In oral communication, the information is conveyed either face to face or through telephone or intercom system.
  • Written Communication: The written communication takes place in the form of reports, circulars, notes, manuals, emails etc.

verbal communication
Advantages of Verbal Communication

  • Verbal communication is faster and involves fewer inputs, facilitates early response or action.
  • In verbal communication scope of seeking clarification is greater and less formal atmosphere.

Limitations of Verbal Communication

In verbal communication messages are at a risk of being distorted

Non-Verbal Communication

The non-verbal communication refers to the use of ‘body language’ in communicating ideas from the sender to the receiver It is generally accepted that non-verbal messages are more truthful and expressive than the verbal ones. Non-verbal signals include proximity, posture, physical appearance, gestures and facial expressions and direction of gaze. Non-verbal communication most often takes place unconsciously, and it may either fortify and supplement the verbal communication or may at times negate the very purpose of verbal communication.

The two most important messages body language conveys are (1) the extent to which we like another and are interested in his or her views and (2) the perceived status between a sender and receiver.

verbal vs non-verbal communication

Advantages of Non-verbal Communication

  • In non-verbal communication messages are more precise and definite and can be verified.
  • Written communication takes the delivery more formal and creates a feeling of being bound.

What is better: Verbal vs Non-Verbal Communication?

The communication is the combination of verbal and non-verbal communication. Both the types have advantages and disadvantages. But an effective communication depends upon the circumstances and understanding level of parties involved in the communication.

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