Asia’s Security Diamond

Japan’s “Asian Security Diamond” strategic concept is the brainchild of Japan’s present Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as a strategic response to China casting menacing maritime shadows over the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.

The “Asian Security Diamond” strategic concept was unveiled byPM Shinzo Abe as he assumed office for the second time as Japan’s Prime Minister last year. Earlier, in his first term as Japan’s Prime Minister on a visit to India addressing the Indian Parliament in 2007, PM Abe spoke of the “Confluence of Two Seas” (originally used by Dara Shikoh) alluding that the security and safety of the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean were indivisible and that Japan and India should take the lead in conjunction with other like-minded nations to ensure the maritime security of what is now being referred jointly as Indo Pacific Asia.

The “Asian Security Diamond” strategic concept as spelt out by Abe envisaged a strategic coalition of Australia, India, Japan and the US State of Hawaii to safeguard the maritime commons extending from the Indian Ocean and extending to the entire Western Pacific. All four countries are democracies.

The emerging partnerships and security cooperation among the four countries, particularly after Modi’s arrival is proof of the value of the idea.

Note: This article is contributed by our facebook group (Papertyari) member Kaushal Kishore Sharma.