National Digital Health Blueprint: Objectives and Features

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Sh. J. Satyanarayana, Chairman of the National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) Committee submitted the final NDHB report to Dr. Harsh Vardhan on 29 October 2019. It was also updated that building on the initial document of “National Health Stack” (NHS) by NitiAayog, NDHB will help in providing a common platform for integration of existing applications in health domain and data which has existed in silos, either in public health facility, or, in private healthcare facility, in India.

National Digital Health Blueprint

Objectives of National Digital Health Blueprint

The Objectives of NDHB are aligned to the Vision of NHP2017. These objectives are:

  • Establishing and managing the core digital health data and the infrastructure required for its seamless exchange;
  • Promoting the adoption of open standards by all the actors in the National Digital Health Eco-system, for developing several digital health systems that span across the sector from wellness to disease management
  • Creating a system of Personal Health Records, based on international standards, and easily accessible to the citizens and to the service providers, based on citizen-consent
  • Following the best principles of cooperative federalism while working with the States and Union Territories for the realization of the Vision
  • Promoting Health Data Analytics and Medical Research
  • Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Governance at all levels
  • Ensuring Quality of Healthcare.
  • Leveraging the Information Systems already existing in the health sector

Features of National Digital Health Blueprint

The key features of the National Digital Health blueprint include

  • A Federated Architecture
  • Set of architectural principles
  • 5-layered system of architectural building blocks
  • Unique Health Id (UHID)
  • Privacy and consent management
  • National portability
  • EHR
  • Applicable standards and regulations
  • Health analytics
  • Multiple access channels like call centre
  • Digital Health India portal
  • MyHealth App

NHDB Principles

The key principles of the Blueprint include, from the domain perspective, Universal Health Coverage, Inclusiveness, Security and Privacy by Design, Education and Empowerment of the citizens, and from the technology perspective, Building Blocks, Interoperability, a set of Registries as Single Sources of Truth, Open Standards, Open APIs and above all, a minimalistic approach.

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