National Nutrition Mission – POSHAN Abhiyaan

Government of India approved the National Nutrition Mission (NNM) to ensure holistic development and adequate nutrition for pregnant women, mothers and children to be implemented by Ministry of Women and Child Development.
National Nutrition Mission

Objectives of National Nutrition Mission

The mission seeks to reduce the level of stunting, under-nutrition, anemia and low birth weight babies. Other features of the missions are:

  • It focuses on Social and Behavioural change.
  • Setting-up Nutrition Resource Centres, involving masses through Jan Andolan to make “New India” as “Suposhit Bharat” for their participation on nutrition through various activities, among others
  • It will bring together various schemes contributing towards addressing malnutrition
  • ICT based Real Time Monitoring system
  • Incentivizing States/UTs for meeting the targets
  • Incentivizing Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) for using IT based tools
  • Eliminating registers used by AWWs
  • Social Audits
  • Introducing measurement of height of children at the Anganwadi Centres (AWCs)

Financial Outlay for National Nutrition Mission

  • The Union Cabinet has approved the three year budget of Rs.9046.17 crore commencing from 2017-18.
  • Government Budgetary Support (50%) and 50% by IBRD or other MDB
  • Government budgetary support would be 60:40 between Centre and States/UTs, 90:10 for NER and Himalayan States and 100% for UTs without legislature.

Targets under National Nutrition Mission

Mission would strive to achieve reduction in Stunting from 38.4% (NFHS-4) to 25% by 2022 (Mission 25 by 2022). Other NNM target includes reducing:

  • Stunning by 2%
  • Under-nutrition by 2%
  • Anemia (among young children, women and adolescent girls) by 3%
  • Low birth weight by 2%

Beneficiaries of the Scheme

  • More than 10 crore beneficiaries are targeted.
  • All states and districts will be covered in phased manner till 2019-2020:
    • 315 districts in 2017-18
    • 235 districts in 2018-19
    • remaining districts in 2019-20

Recent Updates

To give momentum to POSHAN Abhiyan , ‘National Council on India’s Nutrition Challenges’ on 24th July 2018 decided to celebrate the month of September as Rashtriya Poshan Maah. This year the theme is Complementary Feeding

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