National Sports Development Fund (NSDF)

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The National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) was established in November, 1998 under Charitable Endowments Act, 1890 with the aim of promotion of sports and game in the Country. NSDF aims to mobilizing resources from Government as well as non-government organizations and individuals to provide required support for promotion of specific sports disciplines and improving performance of Indian sports in the major international events.

The Fund is managed by a Council constituted by the Central Government. The Council has been last re-constituted by the Government in March 2012 with the Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports as Chairperson.

national sport development fund

Objectives of National Sports Development Fund (NSDF)

The main objectives of the fund are:

  • To administer and apply the moneys of the Fund for promotion of sports in general and special sports disciplines and individual Sportspersons in particular for achieving excellence at the National and International level;
  • To impart special training and coaching in relevant sports disciplines to Sportspersons, Coaches and sports specialists;
  • To construct and maintain infrastructure for promotion of sports and games
  • To supply sports equipments to organisations and individuals for promotion of sports and games;
  • To identify problems and take up research and development studies for providing support to excellence in sports;
  • To promote International cooperation, in particular, exchanges which may promote the development of sports; and
  • To provide low interest or interest free loans for projects and actives related to any of the aforesaid objects.

Advantages of contributing to NSDF

  • Donor can suggest execution of specific projects while making donations to the Fund.
  • Fulfillment of CSR obligations of companies under the Companies Act, 2013. Sports activities like training to promote sports and creation and maintenance of sports infrastructure are covered under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Contribution to the Fund is exempt from Income Tax under Section 80 (G) of the ITAct.
  • Due credit is given to donors in the Ministry’s publications, media releases, etc.
  • Goodwill for donors.
  • Meetings of donors with dignitaries.
  • Consideration for Khel Protsahan Puraskar which is given away by the President of India every year.
  • Athlete appearances for donors who contribute at least one crore a year

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