Physics Questions set 1

Q 1. Dynamo equipment transfer the energy from?
a. Chemical energy to Light energy
b. Light energy to Chemical energy
c. Mechanical energy to Electrical energy
d. Mechanical energy to Light energy

Q 2. One horse power is equal to?
a. 745 Watts
b. 646 Watts
c. 746 Watts
d. 744 Watts

Q 3. Which is world’s first artificial satellite?
a. Sputnik 1
b. Explorer 1
c. Asterix
d. Osumi

Q 4. Which is India’s first satellite?
a. Bhaskar-1
b. Aryabhatta
c. Rohini RS-1

Q 5. Satellite launched by India in 2014?
a. MOM (Mass orbiter Mission)
b. GSAT-7
c. IRSS-1A
d. GSAT-14

Q 6. Newton’s first law is also called?
a. Law of momentum
b. Law of motion
c. Law of inertia
d. Law of force

Q 7. Impulse is equal to
a. Force X Distance
b. Change in momentum
c. Mass of body
d. F = ma

Q 8. The value of acceleration due to gravity is?
a. 9.8 m/s2
b. 9.8 cm/s2
c. 9.7 m/s2
d. 9.81 m/s2
Q 9. The orbital speed of satellite is?
a. 7.8 km/s
b. 7.91 km/s
c. 7.9 km/s
d. 7.7 km/s

Q 10. The time period of revolution planet Mercury is?
a. 87 days
b. 88 days
c. 247 days
d. 86 days

Q 1. c.
Q 2. c.
Q 3. a.
Q 4. b.
Q 5. d.
Q 6. c.
Q 7. b.
Q 8. a.
Q 9. c.
Q 10. b.