National Film Heritage Mission (NFHM) Explained

National Film Heritage Mission

National Film Heritage Mission (NFHM) was launched by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the year 2016. It is aimed at Preservation, Conservation, Digitization and Restoration of rich cinematic heritage of the country.

It has been an endeavor to source, acquire and preserve the cinematic heritage of all periods of Indian cinema for preservation, conservation and restoration

Objectives of National Film Heritage Mission

The objectives of National Film Heritage Mission are:

  • Condition assessment of film reels to ascertain the remaining life of the film
  • Preventive conservation of 1,32,000 film reels
  • 2K/4K picture and sound restoration of 1086 landmark feature films and 1152 short films.
  • Recording of new picture and sound inter-negatives of each film,
  • Digitization of 1160 feature films
  • Construction of archival and preservation facilities called vaults
  • Trainings and workshops for in-house capacity building
  • Web-based end to end IT solution

Implementing Agency of NFHM

National Film Archive of India (NFAI) is the nodal organization for the implementation of this project.

Financial Outlay

The project was set up at a cost of Rs 597.41 crore.. Out of the total outlay of 597 crore earmarked for this mission, 363 crore will be utilised exclusively for restoration purposes, making it one of the world’s largest film restoration projects.

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