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GRE Prep Course Online

Hello Guys. Welcome to this GRE Prep Course Online where we will provide you the best resource available on internet for your GRE exam preparation. GRE means Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services). GRE score is accepted by almost all top level graduate schools.

What is GRE?

GRE tests the high level skills like Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing.

Structure of GRE Test

GRE test has been designed to test the skills that you had already gathered in your school over the years. The test consists of three sections:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning:
  2. This section further consists of two sections with 20 questions each. Time allotted for each section is 35 minutes.
  3. Verbal Reasoning: This section further consists of two sections with 20 questions each. Time allotted for each section is 30 minutes.
  4. Analytical Writing: There are two tasks in this section as describes below.Two Essays of 500 words each. Time allotted for each task is 30 minutes.
    1. Analyse an issue: In this task you will be asked to analyse a given topic and present your thoughts in an essay.
    2. Analyse a task: In this task you will be given a passage, you have to critically analyse the passage.

The total time of online GRE test is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

GRE Syllabus

The section-wise syllabus of GRE is as under:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning: The Quantitative Reasoning covers the following topics:
    • Order of operations
    • Number System
    • Percentages
    • Simple and compound interest
    • Profit and loss
    • Ratio and proportion
    • Speed, distance and time
    • Linear equations
    • Quadratic equations
    • Set Theory
    • Permutation & Combination
    • Probability
    • Statistics
    • Geometry
      • Lines and angles
      • Co-ordinate geometry
      • Circles Triangles
      • Volume and surface area
    • Data Interpretation
  2. Verbal Reasoning: The Verbal Reasoning covers the following topics:
    • Basic Sentence structure: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives
    • Verb Tense
    • Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions
    • Pronoun Agreement
    • Subject-Verb Agreement
    • Modifiers
    • Parallelism, etc.
  3. Analytical Writing
    • Essay Topics: The topics of essay are given in such a way that it tests your Analytical and Logical Reasoning.

GRE Prep Course Online

Having understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus of GRE exam, its time to move on to our GRE Prep Course Online. In this course we will provide you links to free videos topic-wise, best book for GRE prep, good GRE prep online courses online available at competitive prices. So let’s get started.

GRE Prep Course Online: Quantitative Reasoning

Go through these links one by one and if possible, make your own hand written notes:

GRE Prep Course Online: Verbal Reasoning

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GRE Prep Course Online: Analytical Writing

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Is GRE only for USA?

No it is not for US only. The colleges in many countries like Canada, France and other European Countries demand GRE.

What is Good Score in GRE?

The definition of Good GRE Score varies from college to college, country to country. But ideal any score of 320+ is good enough to book your seat in top college in countries like USA, Canada etc.

GRE Date

There is no specific date fixed for GRE. You can fix appointment during any time of the year. You can take GRE test 21 days up to 5 times in a rolling 12 months period.

What is the Registration Fees of GRE?

The Registration Fees of GRE for most countries is $205.

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