GK questions in IBPS PO – 11th October 2014 (Evening Shift)


  • Which is the India’s first mute film – Alam ara
  • Who is the Governor of Maharashtra  – Chennamani vidyasagar rao
  • Which of the following does not have euro as its currency? Denmark
  • Who is the winner of Us Open Tennis male tournament – Marin Čilić
  • From which place Ebola virus has spread – West Africa
  • Nikkei index belongs to which stock exchange – tokyo stock exchange
  • Out of the following to whom Padma Vibhusan was awarded – Dr. Ragunath Mashelkar
  • Who is the author of ‘The Lives Of Others’ – Neel Mukherjee’s
  • Full form of RFID – radio frequency identification
  • Which state has highest density as per census 2011? – Bihar
  • Who is the father of Indian Industry? –  Jamshedji Tata
  • Which is the capital of UAE? – Abu Dhabi
  • Which Bank has started cardless Transaction? – ICICI
  • In which five places RBI is to launch plastic notes in 2015 – Shimla, Kochi, Mysore, Jaipur, and Bhubaneswar.
  • Interest on saving bank account is calculated on – Daily basis
  • SBI ties up Reliance India in which Reliance will act as – Business Correspondent
  • SBI collaborated with whom to launch multicurrency card – Master Card
  • Recently launched Rupay Card will work on how many ATMs – 100%