GK questions in IBPS PO – 12th October 2014 (Evening Shift)

Hello readers,
We are presenting you the GK questions asked in IBPS PO exam held on 12th October 2014 in evening shift.


  • “Pahla kadam , pahli udan” is scheme launched by – State Bank of India for minor 10 years and above
  • Upalappu is famous for –Madolin
  • What is the name of new BRICS bank – New Development Bank
  • Lisbon is capital of which country – Portugal
  • Till which date, SEBI has extended the guideline to appoint at least one women in board of directors of company- 31march 2015
  • Shivasamudram hypro power project lies in which state – Karnataka
  • Who is the Prime Minister of United Kingdoms – David Cameroon
  • In which city ASIAD games 2014 were organized  – Incheon
  • Minimum capital required by foreign bank to open branch in India – Rs. 300 crore
  • Catalonia referendum is related to which country – Spain
  • What is current Repo rate – 8%
  • In the movie Mary Kom, Priyanka chopra is playing the role of – Boxer
  • In “KYC”, C stands for – Customer
  • What is the currency of Saudi Arabia – Riyal
  • which motor company ceo visited india recently – General Motors
  • Name the card launched by Indian Railways –Go India Smart Card
  • Recently government announced to sell its stake in three PSU, Which is one of them – ONGC
  • Which is pension scheme for unorganised sector – Swavalamban
  • Full form of REIT – Real State Investment Trust