Daily Dose – 14: Reasoning Quiz – Coded Inequality for SBI PO

Gromo Referal

Directions: In the following questions, the symbols α, β, γ, δ and ɳ are used with following meaning:

A α B means A is greater than B
A β B means A is either greater than or equal to B
A γ B means A is equal to B
A δ B means A is smaller than B
A ɳ B means A is either smaller than or equal to B

In each of the following questions, assuming that the given statements to be true, find which of the two conclusions I and II given below is/are definitely true. Give answer

  1. If only conclusion I is true;
  2. If only conclusion II is true;
  3. If either I or II is true;
  4. If neither I nor II is true; and
  5. If both I and II are true


Q 1.  Statements: R δ I,      S γ C,     S β I,      C α O
       Conclusions: I. C δ I                   II. S α R

Q 2. Statements: L β M,    O γ N,    L δ H,     M γ O
       Conclusions: I. L γ N                  II. L α N

Q 3. Statements: Z ɳ Y,     K γ L,      Y δ X,     Z α K
       Conclusions: I. Y α L                  II. Y γ L

Q 4. Statements: E γ F,      C δ D,    F β G,    D α E
       Conclusions: I. E α G                 II. C γ E

Q 5. Statements: M α N,  L γ M,    O δ N,   L ɳ K
       Conclusions: I. M δ K                                II. L α N


  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 1
  4. 4
  5. 2

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