MCA Eligibility in 2021: Exploring opportunities in a changing professional world

MCA Eligibility in 2021

Excellent computer skills are a necessity to be successful in today’s professional market. A Master in Computer Application (MCA) is one such degree that gives you advanced computing skills, which will lead to guaranteed success in any organization. And the best thing about it is that MCA eligibility is highly flexible.

There is a common misconception that to be eligible for MCA, you need to have a BCA. But keeping in mind the flexible nature of the course, and the demand for professionals in this domain, MCA eligibility has become flexible in a lot of colleges. No matter what your undergraduate degree is in, you can do an MCA without any problem.

A new world of education

In the New Education Policy 2020, it is recommended that children learn coding from 9 years of age. Many short-term courses on coding have also become quite popular among professionals and young students alike. Thus, the standards have been reoriented in our present times such that anyone can learn about these things without much difficulty.

This change in perception in the background explains why MCA eligibility has become so democratic in our times. If you’re fascinated by the world of computing, but maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to do a degree in it during your Bachelor’s, MCA would be a perfect choice for you.

Navigating the job market

In fact, not having a BCA degree before MCA will not make any difference when it comes to employment. The knowledge you gain and the skills you learn during MCA can stand out independently when it comes to seeking employment.

If you have a different background, then you get the chance to enter the job market with the best of both works. Given the stress that is commonly laid on interdisciplinary learning, this is indeed a unique asset to have in 2021.

Clearly, if you are keen on getting into the bandwagon of computing, MCA eligibility is the last thing you should be worried about. The colleges that are offering admission into MCA are high in quality, and in most cases, manage to get their students placed.

The orientation of the degree is highly professional in nature, and there is guaranteed employment after graduation. In the next section, we will look at the colleges that come with highly flexible MCA eligibility criteria, and also offer great value in terms of job opportunities.

Top 3 colleges for MCA in 2021

1. NIET, Noida

NIET Noida is a top professional college in the NCR region that has a great reputation among the top MNCs. NIET has collaborated with Sunstone Eduversity to offer a best-in-class MCA degree that comes with a recruiter base of over 500.

The fact that there is consistent engagement means that students get to intern in top companies throughout their careers. There are many financial incentives as well, such as the pay after placement policy, which lets students pay the course fee only after securing a placement.

2. Christ University, Bangalore

Christ is a highly reputed institute with a record of continued excellence in professional learning. MCA eligibility is Christ is also quite flexible, but at the same time, the standards are quite high. Getting into Christ can be quite competitive and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

When it comes to placement, Christ has a reputation that is hard to beat for any other college. The badge of Christ means value, and recruiters know it as soon as they see it. On top of that, the college is located in Bangalore, the tech hub of India, as a result of which there is always ample industry exposure.

3. Amity University, Noida

Amity is one of the best private colleges in India today, and its achievements are known to all. Like NIET, they are also a top college in the NCR region that is very popular among students seeking professional degrees. There is no looking back for students of Amity, as success comes guaranteed with admission.

Over the years, Amity has developed a relationship of trust in the industry. Due to the dependable quality of skills that the graduates come with, every recruiter makes it a priority to hire a major chunk of freshers from Amity. In short, it is one of the most rewarding learning experiences a student can possibly get in India.


It’s true that MCA involves learning complex topics, such as coding languages and Mathematics. The common belief is that unless you have some background knowledge about these subjects, you will find it difficult to do an MCA. However, if you look around, you see that the perceptions around them are changing. As long as you chose a great college, and work hard to reach your goal, nothing can stop you from achieving success.