Indian Polity – Questions set 1

Q 1.   Supreme Court judge retires upon age of ?
a. 60 years
b. 63 years
c. 65 years
d. 70 years

Q 2.   Prohibition of employment of children in factories is applicable to children under?
a. 14 years
b. 16 years
c. 17 years
d. 18 years

Q 3.   Right to Education is introduced in Indian Constitution through which amendment?
a. 76th Constitutional Amendment
b. 81st Constitutional Amendment
c. 86th Constitutional Amendment
d. 96th Constitutional Amendment

Q 4.   Abolishment of untouchability is contained in which Article of Indian Constitution?
a. Article 16
b. Article 17
c. Article 18
d. Article 19

Q 5.   Sikkim was made integral part of India under-
a. 42nd Amendment
b. 39th Amendment
c. 40th Amendment
d. 36th Amendment

Q 6.   Which of the following word was not included in preamble by 42nd constitutional Amendment, 1976?
a) Secular
b) Socialist
c) Integrity
d) Dignity

Q 7.   Which article of Indian Constitution has provision for President to proclaim Emergency?
a) Article 352
b) Article 355
c) Article 356
d) Article 360

Q 8.   Which is not treated as a part of constitution?
a) Preamble
b) Fundamental Duties
c) Fundamental Rights
d) Directive Principles

Q 9.   The maximum number of members in Lok Sabha?
a) 543
b) 552
c) 550
d) 530

Q 10.               Equality before law is written in which Article of Indian Constitution?
a) Article 11
b) Article 14
c) Article 15
d) Article 16


Q 1. (c)
Q 2. (a)
Q 3. (c)
Q 4. (b)
Q 5. (d)
Q 6. (d)
Q 7. (a)
Q 8. (a)
Q 9. (b)
Q 10. (b)